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“When the Scotsman bought Lakeside Printing in January 2000, I started to deal with ENV, especially Sue Vaughn. After 11 years at Scotsman I wondered what is this company going to do for me? I had always talked directly to insurance companies, service reps and sales people.

It didn't take me long to know that without Sue's assistance and ENV, I would be buried with 6 different health carriers, 2 life insurance carriers and one dental plan, and 100 new employees.

As the Personnel Administrator who also deals with disability, unemployment, worker's comp and payroll, I have come to depend on Sue's expert knowledge and dedication for solving any and all problems I may have with health, dental, or life insurance.

I have lovingly dubbed her “the magic lady,“ for she never ceases to amaze me as to what she can accomplish with these insurance companies. She can fight the fight for you and has a great track record for success.

I have come to depend on ENV to help negotiate our insurance packages, and to Sue and all the people at ENV for their follow-up and perseverance!

So now I don't talk to the insurance companies, their reps or sales people-- I just make one phone call to ENV!“

Joe DeMarchi
Personnel Administrator
Scotsman Press

“The advice and assistance we receive from ENV is invaluable. They provided guidance and steered us in the right direction when selecting out health, dental, life and long term disability insurance carriers. They took over our COBRA Adminstration and handle employees' insurance questions and problems when they arise, saving me valuable time and allowing me to concentrate on other critical HR issues. Their expertise is always timely, professional and accurate.“

Jean Bassett
HR Manager
Fitness Forum

“As always, we really appreciate everything you do. It is the extra steps you take that help MSK and its employees gain the most out of our benefit program. A heart felt thanks comes from all of us here.“

Ron Moore
MS Kennedy

“The ENV Customer Care Center has been totally indispensable in helping us get through the years of dealing with all of the red tape involved with the thousands of aspects concerning health insurance today. ENV has a perfect track record of getting every single one of our cases resolved, and always in our favor.”

Howard J. Nybo
Will and Baumer, Inc.

“Your firm has been a great asset to our business. Your attention to detail and promptness is remarkable.“

Mary Beth Myers
Office Manager
Pathfinder Industries, Inc.

“As I am relatively new to the human resource field, I have found the Customer Care Center at ENV to be helpful in all aspects of benefits administration. They have been very diligent in resolving the enrollment issues, claim issues and answering general questions with regard to the benefits we offer our employees.“

Carolyn Conlon
HR Manager
Usherwood and Associates

“I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate the assistance I receive from the ENV Customer Care Center. As the only human resource person at Wells College, it's extremely difficult for us to help employees that have insurance questions and claim issues. The Customer Care Center has consistently helped us and has always responded with good humor, respect and confidentiality.“

Kit Van Orman
HR Manager
Wells College

“This letter is long overdue! I just want to thank your office for all your service work. Your office practices what it preaches. Your Customer Care Center does a great job when it comes to taking care of problems. As you know, we have had plenty.“

Helen Evans
HR Manager
Utica Alloys,Inc.

ENV Call Center

The ENV Call Center is one of the many things that differentiate our company from other agencies. The ENV Call Center ensures that you will always get a person on the phone, bypassing lost time and frustration dealing with the insurance company's "1-800-Shuffle."

ENV Insurance Call Center

  • Claim & Billing Issues
  • Benefit Questions
  • Obtaining New ID Cards
  • Additions and Deletions


M-F 8am-5pm

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