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  • 5 Things Health Reform Supporters don't want you to know

    As the Supreme Court of the United State will likely rule on health reform soon, conversations about the bill's constitutionality are once again resurfacing. Aside from the debate, there are several flaws within the bill that contribute to its inability to best protect consumers from being increasing rates and provide them with affordable coverage. Below are five things that supporters of health reform don't want you to know.

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  • IRS Provides Additional Guidance on W-2

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) amended the Internal Revenue Code to require that employers report the aggregate cost of “applicable employer-sponsored coverage” on employee Form W-2. To assist employers in fulfilling this obligation, the IRS issued Notice 2011-28 on March 28, 2011 and posted FAQs on the IRS website .

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  • Early Retiree Reinsurance Fact Sheet

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) provides for the establishment of a temporary reinsurance program for early retirees designed to reimburse participating employment based plans for certain costs related to covering early retirees and their dependents.

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The ENV Call Center is one of the many things that differentiate our company from other agencies. The ENV Call Center ensures that you will always get a person on the phone, bypassing lost time and frustration dealing with the insurance company's "1-800-Shuffle."

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