Retirement Planning Services

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Partnering with ENV for Retirement Plan Services means you receive professional advice on how to manage your employer sponsored retirement plan.

Our Retirement Plan Services can help you manage your 401(k), 403(b) or other company sponsored plan. Our Retirement Plan Services include dedicated financial advisors that will educate and advise on your best options. We’ll assist in identifying areas of improvement, strengths, and collaborate closely with you to forge a forward-thinking, long term solution.

Our advice is never one-size-fits all, and always a unique, case-by-case individualized consultation.

ENV Retirement Plan Services can assist in guiding your retirement plan committee to develop a smart, cost conscious solution. This includes advice for:

• Board Resolutions
• Synopsis of ongoing Committee Duties
• Explanation of retirement plan terms, rule and regulations
• Review providers, investment options with alternatives

Our Retirement Plan Services will also assist in crafting a retirement plan that satisfies your organizations unique needs. Our Retirement Plan Services can scheme services that include:

• Establish clear goals for your retirement plan
• Analyze current plan structure, evaluating how and if it complies with established objectives
• Offer alternative choices, if necessary
• Consider plan improvements and how they will impact on your organization and its participants

ENV can also offer services for your preliminary and current investments, such as:

• Drafting and completing an Investment Policy Statement
• Determine firm criteria for fund inclusion/removal
• Conduct quarterly assessments of present investment choices, such as: 
o Investment Policy Statement testing, such as investment discussion and evaluation with your   Investment Committee
o Discussion of Investments under review or on our Watch List
o A comprehensive studying and briefing on your ongoing plan expenses

We also can provide an honest, accurate assessment of your current retirement plan provider. This assessment of your provider includes:

• Calculation and analysis of plan expenses, including considerations for provider expense to the employer and the participant
• A detailed analysis of your current plan’s structure
• Discuss findings with the current provider
• Benchmark plan fees and expenses, providing transparency to all fees
• Seeking out alternative providers, if appropriate

If you currently don’t have a retirement plan provider, or are looking for a new one, ENV can aid in your search. ENV retirement plan provider search services include:

• Prepare and present RFP to your organization, including collaboration to fulfill your organizational wants and needs
• Find and identify providers that will best serve your organization
• Investment analysis, which will be appropriately reflected in the RFP
• RFP distribution, to canvas providers most suitable for your needs and goals
• Analyze plan provider responses
• Create a report for executive or committee review and/or approval

After you’ve decided on a retirement plan provider, ENV can supply you with provider accountability & management services, such as:

• Transition assistance, including aiding communication and education
• Handle any necessary transitional management duties
• Explain any amendments to your plan provider agreement
• Negotiate, facilitate and finalize a written service contract, including plan provider accountability

A thorough understanding of your retirement plan and retirement plan options is necessary to ensure you, your employees and all involved parties have a mutual understanding. This improves satisfaction for all.
This includes:

• Clear identification and articulation of objectives, including organizational goals, quantifiable results
• Identify plan provider outreach
• Proactive strategizing, such as person-to-person meetings and scheduling.
• Moderating meetings, preparing, presenting and implementing written service contracts, and annual analysis of objectives, including modifications (if necessary).

Contact an ENV Financial Services professional to strengthen your organizations retirement plan management.

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