Motorcycle Insurance

ENV motorcycle insurance will assist in helping you choose which insurance plan is right for you. ENV has been helping Central New Yorkers get covered for 25 years, and we excel in communicating benefits to customers. ENV ensures you’ll receive caring, individualized attention from our experienced, committed independent agents. Cruise calmly by insuring your ride today.

What motorcycles are covered?

Typically, motorcycle insurance coverage includes: factory made motorcycle, classic and custom motorcycles, motorized scooters, and similar two- or three-wheel vehicles, such as minibikes and trail bikes licensed for public road travel. ENV also offers comprehensive, affordable recreational vehicle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance Protections:

Typically Required:

  • Motorcycle accidents resulting in bodily injury to other people or property
  • Accidents resulting in bodily injury to yourself that involve an uninsured motorist
  • Motorcycle damage due to traffic accidents
  • Fire, theft, vandalism, and other losses, which includes losses during your motorcycle’s winter storage period
  • Attached motorcycle side cars

Typically Optional:

  • Motorcycle customization, like upgraded components or paint jobs
  • Roadside assistance

Contact an ENV Insurance independent agent to find the right motorcycle insurance for you.

ENV Call Center

The ENV Call Center is one of the many things that differentiate our company from other agencies. The ENV Call Center ensures that you will always get a person on the phone, bypassing lost time and frustration dealing with the insurance company's "1-800-Shuffle."

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