Life Insurance

If insurance is about protecting your investments, then life insurance provides the greatest protection for your greatest investment: your life, and your family’s financial livelihood.

Life insurance safeguards your assets if you die during the duration of your policy coverage. Having life insurance is critical. Without it, in the event of your passing, your family could have a massive financial burden added to their already heavy emotional burden. Life insurance makes your passing just a little easier on your family.

Equally vital as having life insurance is having the right life insurance product. Typical life insurance product options include term, whole or universal life insurance. The distinctions between these life insurance policies are critical to receiving adequate coverage for your individual needs.

Although some details may change from one carrier to the next, the below information shows the differences between term, whole and universal life insurance:

Term Life Insurance

  • Most affordable life insurance option
  • Fixed premium rate
  • Benefits paid if you pass during the duration of the policy
  • Coverage lasts only for a pre-negotiated time period

Whole Life Insurance

  • Lifelong protection
  • Can be used as a tax-deferred savings account that grows in value
  • Longer protection than term life insurance means higher premiums than a term life policy
  • Fixed premium rate

Universal Life Insurance

  • Conditional lifelong protection
  • Tax-deferred savings that grows based on market performance
  • Flexible premium rate

ENV Insurance independent agents can assist in finding the right life insurance carrier for you. ENV Insurance treats all our clients with respect, always addressing your concerns in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Our independent agents will account for your unique needs when assisting you in finding your life insurance carrier.

ENV Insurance has access to a huge variety of insurance carriers. This access means partnering with ENV allows you to find the perfect policy to meet your unique needs. We’ll help connect you with the life insurance carrier that can satisfy your individual needs.

Contact an ENV Insurance independent agent today to protect your livelihood.

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