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A good organization needs good human capital. ENV Insurance has been collaborating with businesses for the past 25 years to aid in human resources. ENV Insurance leads by example with a remarkable employee retention rate. ENV's human resource services will improve your organizations management, employee/employer relations and workplace communications so you can best serve your customers and clients. 

ENV Insurance Human Resource Services Include:

HR Audit of Compliance and Best Practices

An HR Audit aids in evaluating your organization’s human resources policies and practices. Effective employee management and compliance with governmental regulations are two time consuming, but necessary, parts of running a business. If employee management and government regulation are not among your strengths, an HR One Audit can assist you. An HR One Audit from ENV Insurance includes identifying, prioritizing and addressing HR needs, providing objective feedback from experts. Our consultants review your HR management functions, and provide comprehensive analysis, feedback and evaluation of your HR policies, practices and procedures to help you comply with employment regulations.

Human Resources Audit Benefits:
• Practical, objective feedback on HR strengths and weaknesses
• Identifies necessary actions to comply with current regulations
• An HR strategic plan for your organization
• Assists in planning and implementing new HR initiatives
• Offers a plan to improve supervisor's employee management skills

Performance management

ENV’s performance management services is a fair, constructive assessment of your workforce’s performance in relation to your organizations objectives. HR One, through ENV, will work with employers and employees to identify expectations and ambitions.

Performance Management Program Benefits:
• Relates organizational goals to employee job requirements
• Improves employee productivity via employee-employer goal setting
• Improves employee/supervisor communications
• Greater managers/supervisors accountability
• Resolves performance problems
• Improves employee performance by identifying employee strengths and improvement areas
• Reduces legal exposure

Policies, Manuals and Handbooks

An employee handbook strengthens a business in many ways. Employee handbooks strengthen employer-employee understanding, protect employers from discrimination litigation, and improve HR policies. HR One can review or create employee handbooks for your organization.

Employee handbooks usually should include:
•Employment Classifications
•Employment Matters
•Compliance Policies
•Operational Policies
•Absence Policies
•Compensation and Benefits
•Personal Conduct
•Safety and Security
•Communication Procedures
•Unique Topics for Your Business
•Employee Handbook Acknowledgment

Wage and Salary Programs

Wage and Salary programs strengthen pay equity within an organization and pay competitiveness comparative to other organizations. Wage and Salary programs are designed to better attract, retain and motivate employees, and are essential to ensure fair employee pay.

HR One Wage and Salary Programs Promote:
•Internal Pay Equity
•External Competitiveness
•Easy Administration & Understanding
•Top Performance Incentives
•Excessive Compensation Protection
•Employment Regulation Compliance

HR Projects and Services Agreements

ENV offers the following HR services:
• 360º Organizational Analysis
• Compliance & Claims Administration
• Corrective Discipline Programs
• Employee Handbooks & Policies
• Human Resource Audits
• Job Descriptions
• Labor/EEO Claims Management
• Managed Separation & Unemployment Insurance Cost Control
• On-Site Director of HR
• Payroll
• Performance Appraisal Programs
• Resume Searches via
• Summary Plan Description for Employee Welfare Benefit Plans
• Training & Development Seminars
• Wage & Salary Administration Programs

Training and Development

Training and Development programs can improve your organizations efficiency, communication and overall performance by improving managers and supervisors capabilities.

Management Training and Development Program Benefits:
• Improves manager commitment to organizational goals
• Improves manager conflict management
• Strengthens managers systematic problem solving skills
• Superior recruiting and interviewing skills for managers and supervisors
• Increases overall managerial skills of managers and supervisors

Employee Surveys

Good employee moral translates to good employee productivity, which improves an organization as a whole. Employee surveys make employees feel empowered while informing and improving employer’s managerial skills and trust. Survey topics will be created from meeting, discussing and evaluating potential concerns with senior management. Employee surveys are an intimidation free, confidential method of improving trust, communication and respect between employers and employees.

Employee Survey Benefits:
• Confidential input from managers and employees
• Improves work force morale by making employees feel that their opinions are important and needed
• Highlights areas of concern which require attention
• Clarifies prioritized employee work objectives to improve productivity and performance

Vision, Mission and Values

Having a clear vision, mission and values is important for an organization’s public perception and employee productivity. Clearly defined vision, mission and values betters your organization by shaping brand identity, business ethics, and a clear framework for all your products and services. We will work with your organization to clearly define your organizations vision, mission and values, and, in doing so, improve your organizations communications, employee relations, productivity and finances.

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