Disability Insurance

ENV Insurance has worked with insurance providers to offer employees disability insurance that satisfies each individual's unique needs.

For 25 years, ENV Insurance has successfully helped employers navigate benefits packages, acting as an independent agent to find benefits that are both comprehensive and cost effective.

ENV’s disability insurance options helps employees navigate disability benefits. Short term disability insurance is non-taxable income. Employees may choose to drop their short term disability insurance at any time. Short term disability insurance saves employers money because it’s voluntary, therefore the employee is fully responsible for paying premiums.

Similarly, if desired, ENV can assist in finding you a voluntary long-term disability benefits package. Voluntary long-term disability packages are customizable, so businesses have control over their needs and budgeting. ENV voluntary long-term disability is designed to aid employees in recovering and returning to work, while supplying benefits for severely disabled employees. ENV’s voluntary long-term disability product is flexible in that it’s affordable for entry-level employees, and safeguards higher level employees’ retirement savings and medical insurance.

ENV can help you find an adequate long term disability insurance, which is an income replacement program for employees whose disability makes them unable to perform their job. If an employee is unable to work for 90 consecutive days then he or she is eligible for long term disability services. This provides the employee with a tax-free benefit of up to 50% of gross monthly salary, including mental health disabilities and partial disabilities. Long term disability services includes 24 hour, year-round legal and financial counseling via telephone for families affected by disability. Disabled employees with other income sources receive reduced long term disability compensation that may never be less than $100, or 10% of an employee’s gross monthly benefit amount, as determined by whichever amount is higher.

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