Dental (Exchange)

ENV Insurance will help businesses navigate the New York State Dental Exchange Program.

For over 25 years, ENV Insurance has been relied on by over 1,100 businesses to improve benefits management, offering quality, affordable employer benefit packages. ENV Insurance independent agents have a comprehensive understanding of the New York State Dental Exchange Program. Partnering with ENV empowers you to navigate the dental insurance exchanges with ease.

Dental exchange includes:

  • Traditional preferred
  • PPO
  • Prepaid/DHMO
  • Preventive Plus

This variety ensures ENV can help you choose which dental exchange will work best for your business.

  • Traditional preferred plans allows out-of-network dentist visits, discounts on in-network dentist visits, coinsurance options for out-of-network and in-network dentists alike, major service coverage and more employee freedom in dentist choice at a premium price.
  • PPO plans are the same as traditional preferred plans, but with more coinsurance levels that include member rewards for in-network dentist visits. PPO’s various coinsurance options create fluctuating prices dependent on in and out-of-network services.
  • Like PPO and traditional preferred, Preventive Plus allows in or out-of-network dentist visits, but at a lower price. Preventive Plus offers one coinsurance option with no major service coverage.
  • Prepaid/DHMO dental insurance does not allow out-of-network dentist visits, but is the lowest price option, and covers major services. Prepaid/DHMO has no coinsurance option, instead using copayments exclusively.

ENV Insurance will collaborate with your business, aiding in identifying the dental plan that best matches your needs.

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