Cancer & Accident Polices

Each year, 12.7 million people learn they have cancer. An American Cancer Society study says uninsured cancer patients are two times more likely to die within five years than insured cancer patients.

Accidents, like cancer, are unpredictable and life changing, which is why partnering with ENV Insurance to find the best accident insurance policy for you is so important. ENV Insurance can assist in finding you a Cancer & Accident Insurance that's both comprehensive and cost-efficient. ENV collaborates with several cancer and accident insurance carriers, offering the ability to work through ENV as a respected, established liaison, while effectively and efficiently empowering businesses to choose which insurance carrier best accommodates their unique needs. The insurance carrier you choose affects employee payment plan options, with varying payment plans offered by different insurers.

Cancer insurance typically includes:

  • Coverage effective instantly
  • Payment Plan Options
  • No reduced benefits due to age or health factors

Accident insurance typically includes:

  • Broken or sprained bone(s)
  • Car accident injuries
  • Animal-related allergic reactions.

Cancer and accidents are unpredictable, but navigating the health care system doesn't need to be. Let ENV’s expert staff work with you to strengthen your employee benefits while maintaining manageable costs.

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