Cost Containment Audits

ENV has access to Cost Containment Strategies that combine superior market intelligence, advanced technologies & some of the nation’s leading overpayment recovery experts who specialize in deep dive audits and reviewing 100% of claims. Some areas of review are duplicate billing and coding errors  based on the complexity of reimbursement codes.

Mistakes happen, and no business, no matter how great and efficient, is perfect. ENV’s Cost Containment Audits can assist in isolating errors, minimizing negative effects by identifying and addressing all problem areas. Partnering with ENV offers long-term, bottom-line conscious risk management that’s essential to any business that aims for consistent success.

It’s important for any organization to have a complete, accurate understanding of their expenses. Not only will a Cost Containment Audit identify and assist in resolving duplicate billing and coding errors, but a Cost Containment Audit may identify other errors or improvement areas.

ENV Financial Services agents are professional, knowledgeable and experienced. For 25 years, ENV has helped businesses manage risk, and assisted in financial concerns, helping identify and resolve problems that arise. ENV Financial Services agents understand that not every situation is the same, and will treat you and your organization with a personable approach that will satisfy your unique needs and concerns.

Our Cost Containment Audits can help you pay only what you deserve to pay, properly managing financial mistakes to minimize the financial burden that can be imposed from duplicate billing and coding errors.

Cost Containment Audits can be complex and detailed. That’s why it’s so important to have your Cost Containment Audit done by an experienced, professional organization. ENV has been helping businesses reduce and fix financial issues for over 25 years.

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