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Insurance exists as an assurance that if something goes wrong you can handle it. That’s why it’s vital to have adequate insurance. If you’re underinsured, then you have a false sense of security that could cause financial disaster. Being overinsured is also damaging by wasting your money on false protection. Especially intimidating is how difficult detecting inadequate insurance is.

ENV Insurance’s independent agents can find you the appropriate coverage, or audit your existing policies. Our agents are experts in finding insurance solutions, and treat every client with professionalism and personal care. We have full access to an immense number of insurance carriers, but our loyalties lie with our clients, not any insurance company. We can help you find a policy that meets your needs for the long-term, reducing risk, and making the unpredictable unproblematic.

ENV Insurance can help you find the right personal insurance policy for the following:

  • Cancer and Accident Policies
  • Dental (Exchange)
  • Disability
  • Home and Auto
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical
  • Medicare Health Plans
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance
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Health care reform (ObamaCare), Medicare, Medicaid. Health insurance can be complex and difficult to navigate. ENV Insurance doesn’t take political sides—we take your side. We’ll help you find a medical insurance solution that’s right for your unique needs.

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You’re invested in your investments, both personally and financially. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and you & your family depend on your assets to be secure. An informed, objective plan is essential to that security. ENV Insurance will work with you to create a comprehensive financial strategy that accommodates you personally.

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Home & Auto

Your home is not only your biggest investment, but where many memories are made. It’s more than a financial asset, it’s part of your family identity. Your car is also essential, getting you everywhere you need to be: your child’s first baseball game, your job and anywhere the road takes you. Protection is important, but adequate, accurate coverage is critical. ENV Insurance’s independent agents will make sure your coverage satisfies.

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The ENV Team

Having a diverse group of professionals under one roof with so many years of experience has really been advantageous to our clients. The combination of benefit specialists, self funding experts, union experts, former business officials and customer service experts provides a level of expertise that is hard to match by any other agency.