HR Assistance

Employees are the key to the success of any organization- that’s why we’ve partnered with HR One, a premier human resource consulting firm, to provide our clients with HR solutions to assist your organization in analyzing, reducing and managing the same risks that our agency helps protect you from with our insurance and/or benefits services.  The HR Helpline is your source for answers to your employee management questions or challenges related to the human resource aspects of insurance and benefits policies offered through our agency.

ENV Call Center

The ENV Call Center is one of the many things that differentiate our company from other agencies. We provide our clients with our call center for direct service. All your employees will have an ENV Call Center Card to call and discuss:

  • Claim Issues
  • Benefit Questions
  • Obtaining New ID Cards
  • COBRA Questions
  • Additions and Deletions
  • Billing Issues
  • Medicare & Medicaid Questions

The ENV Call Center ensures that your employees will always get a person on the phone to service them, bypassing lost time and frustration dealing with the insurance company's "1-800-Shuffle."

315-641-5848 Monday - Friday, 8-5