Solutions for Businesses & Organizations

ENV Insurance has been assisting businesses in managing risk & employee benefits for over 25 years. Our independent agents can provide you with an accurate, fair assessment on your insurance needs. Additionally, ENV is partnered with HR One, a premier human resource services company, to fulfill any assistance with human resources that your organization may need.

Our services can strengthen your business by advising, identifying and implementing solutions that can save you money, increase employee morale and productivity, and protect your business and its associated assets. We will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism, and strive to satisfy your unique needs. We don’t use one-size-fits-all solutions, but collaborate with you to truly understand your organization and values.

Partnering with ENV means you’re supplied with superior risk management assistance. Our services offered to Business & Organizations include insurance brokerage, auditing or advice for the following:

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Fully insured medical plans

Fully insured medical plans use a fixed per-employee premium that reduces costs and makes your monthly medical expenses more predictable. A fully insured medical plan is great for small businesses. In fact, 88 percent of businesses with 3-199 employees have fully insured medical plans.

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ENV Insurance can help you find the right dental plan for your employee benefits package. We can provide you access to a wide variety of network options, empowering you and your employees to receive the care they want and need, while accommodating your budgetary needs.

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Business: Workers' Comp

Workers' Comp

If an employee falls, your business shouldn’t have to do the same. ENV can help you find the right Workers' Compensation Insurance to protect your employees and your pocketbook. ENV prides itself on our ability to help our clients successfully manage risk, finding comprehensive, long-term solutions.

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Self-Funded Insurance

Being budget conscious is possibly the most important part of running a business. A self-funded medical plan gives you more control over your health care expenses, but also makes managing your employee health benefits easier. Additionally, a self-funded medical plan could cut costs.

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Business: General Liability

General Liability

General liability coverage is so crucial to your business operating smoothly. Partnering with ENV’s independent agents provides you with a fair, informed understanding of which general liability coverage is perfect for your business needs.

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The ENV Team

Having a diverse group of professionals under one roof with so many years of experience has really been advantageous to our clients. The combination of benefit specialists, self funding experts, union experts, former business officials and customer service experts provides a level of expertise that is hard to match by any other agency.